Werner Rappl


Werner Rappl (born 1955) is a theatre scholar and translator, living in Vienna and Bad Fischau. He contributed to the event organizations and cataloque publications of the transmedial society  daedalus from 1985-1993. Furthermore, he created the exhibition Aby Warburg-Mnemosyne in Vienna 1993, where the first completed reconstruction of the so-called ‚last’ version of Warburg’s Mnemosyne-Atlas has been shown (also shown in Hamburg, Siena, Florence, Rome, Tel-Aviv and Venice). Additionally, Rappl published, together with Marianne Koos, Wolfram Pichler and Gudrun Swoboda the exhibition cataloque Aby M. Warburg. Mnemosyne (with facsimiles and transcripts of Aby Warburgs ‚introduction’ to the atlas) Also he has written catalogue essays about Aby Warburg, Guy Debord, Aleander Kluge and translated Daniel Defoe, Antonin Artaud, Barnett Newman, Paul Virilio, Jean-François Lyotard, Jacques Derrida et.al.