Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder

[ˌpri trɔˈmæt·ɪk ˈstres dɪsˌɔrdər]

Related terms: Care, Climate Depression, Climate Scientist Blues, Eco-Anxiety, Eco-Nostalgia, Eco-Paralysis, Emotional Resilience, Exhaustion, Global Dread, Grief, Nature Deficit Disorder, Nostalgia, Risk Management, Risk Response, Solastalgia, Weltschmerz (German)

For modernity, the future held a positive promise. But in the face of environmental crisis, the future is becoming a source of distress. Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder describes this contemporary psychological condition. It manifests itself as the trauma and stress that we experience when confronted with imminent and irreversible loss. It is both a symptom and a cause of helplessness, compounded by witnessing the rapid changes of a once familiar Earth.