CloudBrowsing (Project)

Research project and interactive Installation for PanoramaScreen

360° view of different web pages
The project »CloudBrowsing« makes information search on the Internet experienceable in a novel way. If we only experience the manifold information landscape of the net in sections and in a linear way via the computer monitor, then the treatment of net-based information becomes a spatial experience: search questions and results are not returned as text-based link lists, but form dynamic collages of images and sounds. Here, the relationship of content, as well as the temporal course of research is mirrored by the arrangement of the representing images on the single websites, as well as through the acoustic levels.

In the current version of the work, the visitor browses through the free online encyclopedia »Wikipedia«, compiled by a global community, which stands for the collective knowledge of the Internet. A selection mechanism ensures that only free content can be shown. In the installation, the cylindrical surface of the PanoramaScreen becomes a large-surface entirely encompassing the browser and provides an audiovisual Panorama of its movements in virtual information space
Universität Konstanz, Arbeitsgruppe Mensch-Computer-Interaktion
Förderer: Förderprogramm Informationstechnik des Landes Baden-Württemberg (BW-FIT); DFG Graduiertenkolleg GK-1042 „Explorative Analyse und Visualisierung großer Datenräume“