Research and Presentation Platform at the Foyer

A man standing in front of a 360° view of yellow lightnings

The primary focus in research and production at the Institute of Visual Media is the development of innovative hardware and software installations for artistic projects. Panorama Technology is among recent the developments – a display system, which consists of a special projection environment, the PanoramaScreen, and an especially developed software system for recording the environment, the Panorama Display Software. With exhibitions at the ZKM, as well as national and international presentations, and with lectures and seminars, the institute periodically offers insights into this field of work.

A permanent forum for the Panorama Technology was established at the ZKM: the PanoramaLab in the Foyer of the house following considerable response by the interested public and professionals. For considerable time, the laboratory was housed in the space in which, until then, the institute’s obsolete and no longer functional simulation platform had been installed. The laboratory serves as a public platform, in which a loose series of artistic works and research projects, all realized with the help of Panorama technology, can be viewed. It is also used as a developmental environment for new artistic projects and innovative applications, produced as part of research collaborations.

The PanoramaLab was opened in 2009 with the first presentation of the research project »Cloud Browsing«, an interactive installation which also conformed both thematically and concurrently with the exhibition »YOU_ser 2.0: Celebration of the Consumer« that opened at the Media Museum.

Project team

Projektleitung ZKM: Bernd Lintermann


Projektpartner: Land Baden-Württemberg (Förderprogramm Informationstechnik – BW-FIT); Projection Design