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The Radio of the German Society for Electroacoustic Music

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From June 2005 to August 2019, the DEGEM operated the »DEGEM WebRadio @ ZKM« project as a media platform for electroacoustic art in close content-related and technical cooperation with the Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe (ZKM).

This public radio service allowed electroacoustic art to be listened to, discussed and reflected on in view of current events. The intention was to present both private electronic studios and university studios alike. Composers, musicians, labels, projects and research works were also presented. Ultimately, the WebRadio itself was a platform for artistic projects and experiments. In online and offline interconnections, a wide range of scenarios could be tested and used artistically.
The traditional radio as an option and metaphor played an important role in the concept of WebRadio. However, dynamic networks sought to provoke new forms of media communication, without having to be »just radio« in the classic sense any more. The focus was less on a media competition and more on the opportunities of diverse forms of presentation. These could be controlled personally by artists, curators, organizers and academics through feedback and links to artistic scenes, campaigns, public media archives and events.
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Program schema

Studio forum
Electronic studios from all over Germany and abroad are portrayed here, putting forward their latest projects, research and development works. The studio forum provided a long-term dialogue between the studios as production sites of diverse electroacoustic music and sound art.

Reports / features
In this slot, you could listen to reports on festivals, symposiums, congresses and exhibitions based around the versatile scene of electroacoustic art.

Concerts / recordings
Here, you could listen to recordings and live transmissions of concerts, symposiums and other events from the wide field of electroacoustic art.

ZKM | Musik aktuell
Listen to recordings from the varied concert activities in the ZKM-Kubus and independent artistic productions from the ZKM | Music and Acoustics Institute.

Sounds Only
This is where productions from the archives of electroacoustic music, such as the DEGEM archive and the IDEAMA and DEGEM Archive of the ZKM, the Archive of Electronic Studios at the TU Berlin and other international archives and documentations on electroacoustic art are presented in various aspects.

DEGEM WebRadio program structure


In collaboration with the ZKM, a continuous archive of all WebRadio contributions to date was created fom 2005 to 2019, which is accessible for online research. The WebRadio broadcasts themselves can be listened to at the ZKM in Karlsruhe during the Mediathek’s opening hours (subject to advance reservation).

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Project website
Organization / Institution
Deutsche Gesellschaft für elektroakustische Musik ; ZKM
Project team
Scientific managerJulia Mihály
DEGEMMichael Harenberg, Julia Mihály, Michael Hoeldke
ZKMLudger Brümmer, Götz Dipper, Yannick Hofmann, Anton Kossjanenko, Marie-Kristin Meier, Luise Wiesenmüller (ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics)
Editor WebRadio program and archiveHartmut Jörg (ZKM | Media Library)
Programming of contributionsGötz Dipper (ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics)
Technical assistanceHeiko Sahm (DEGEM)
Former collaboratorsDEGEM: Sabine Schaefer, Susanne Wurmnest
ZKM: Martin Böckmann, Julia Gerlach, Julia Haecker, Kai Hanneken, Achim Heidenreich, Michael Hohendorf, Yana Il, Till Kniola, Markus Kritzokat, Jochen Arne Otto, Dominik Pahnke, Nina Rüb, Alexander Schubert, Susanne Wurmnest, Tom Zielen


Cooperation partner