GLOBALE: HA Schult – Action Blue

A car stands in front of the blue cube. Top right in big red glowing letters: ZKM
As part of the GLOBALE, the artist HA Schult plans to drive from Paris to Peking in an electric car between June 19 and August 7, 2015. He is scheduled to make a stop at the ZKM on Sun. June 21. Since his car is equipped with web cameras, anyone interested will be able to follow his action in the ZKM_Subraum. The climax of his journey will be a press conference at a waterhole in the Gobi desert.
HA Schult will be travelling a total of 18.000 kilometers in 52 days, and be traveling through eight countries. During this culture-political art action he plans to take samples from rivers and lakes so as to create »biokinetic images«, and to question our contemporary socio-cultural action.
Organization / Institution
HA Schult


HA Schult, Elke Koska, Anna Zlotovskaya
Dr.-Ing. Holger Jené, Formel D
Leonid Bolschoi, Moscow; Keli Tiang, Beijing


Prof. Dr.–Ing. Peter Cornel, Dr.–Ing. Susanne Bieker (Darmstadt University)
Prof. Dr. Xiaohu Dai, Prof. Reinhold Ollig (Tongji University, Shanghai)
Prof. Dr. Zhiqiang Wu (Tongji University, Shanghai)
Dr. Alexander Borovsky (State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg)
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c.mult. Bernd v.Droste zu Hülshoff (Founding Director UNESCO World Heritage, Paris)
Prof. Dr.–Ing. Dr. h.c.mult. Max Dohmann (RWTH University, Aachen, Tsinghua University, Beijing; Sichuan University, Chengdu)
Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Dudenhöffer (Duisburg-Essen University)
Dr. Karl-Eugen Huthmacher (Federal Ministry of Education and Research)


CMS Hasche Sigle, Prof. Dr. Gordian Hasselblatt
RA Heinz Kühn

Deutsche Post DHL


Gianluca Battista, Anatole Serexhe
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Michael Shubitz (ARD)
ZKM Team, Google

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