Intercultural Social Media Project

The screenshot shows the map of Karlsruhe marked with different locations. Living space, school and leisure activities are marked.

Within the EU project »smARTplaces« four European cultural institutions were approached to create a digital, interactive and artistic exchange project with young people. Since 2017, ZKM | Museum Communication has been cooperating with the secondary level II of the partner school, the Helmholtz-Gymnasium Karlsruhe, under the direction of Jochen Wilms.

The intercultural social media project #urbanblinddate involves the communication and practical implementation of artistic themes, strategies and means of expression as well as media-forming aspects. According to the interests and motivation of the young people, they artistically work on and document the topics »language«, »life culture« and »social networks«.

The so-called »blind date« takes place exclusively via the social media channel »Instagram«. The young people exchange and share their creative tasks and artistic productions via this platform. Furthermore, they are subscribed, commented and »liked« by the participants of the project groups. #urbanblinddate enables an exchange and getting to know about and through art with other ways of life and thinking.

Project management, coordination, conception and realisation: Sabine Faller (2017)