ZKM | HONG Media Art Collection

A partnership between the ZKM and the Chinese New Media Art Foundation

Visitors in front of a 3.5m high reddish "cosmic" light sculpture.

The ZKM entered a strategic partnership with the New Media Art Foundation which is being established by Mr. CHAI Zhikun, Chinese entrepreneur, as chairman and Ms. SHEN Tianshu as managing director, with the purpose of artistic-scientific exchange and the creation of a joint collection of international media arts. The ZKM | HONG Media Art Fund, a fund under New Media Arts Foundation, is a three-year acquisition fund dedicated to the newly created ZKM | HONG Media Art Collection, in order to advance public recognition and the social function of new media art, one of the most important art forms in the 21st century, on an international scale.  By linking the past and the future, the HONG Media Art Collection serves to strengthen new media art’s scholarly significance and support its development and preservation.

ZHANG Ga, media art curator and Distinguished Professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, and Peter Weibel, ZKM Chairman and CEO, will be the co-curators of the collection.

With this partnership, ZKM extends its international profile, shares and enhances its expertise in the field of electronic arts, and reinforces its capacity to act as a collecting institution.

Organization / Institution
The New Media Art Foundation / ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien