Hans Heinz Holz: Spekulatives Denken

Vorlesungen zur Geschichte der Philosophie von Parmenides bis Marx

Cover of the DVD "Hans Heinz Holz: Spekulatives Denken": Portrait of the philosopher Hans Heinz Holz on a blue background.
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The last major lectures by Hans Heinz Holz (1927-2011) documented here follow his philosophical reflection from Parmenides to Karl Marx. They were recorded from October 22 to 28, 2009 at his home in Sant'Abbondio, Switzerland. At this time Holz was a fellow of the Weimar Kolleg Friedrich Nietzsche.

"We live in details of everyday life. We have to deal with them, we have to deal with them in order to find our way in life and to assert ourselves. The exploration of the individual is the beginning of all knowledge. The knowledge of the whole, the universal mind, the philosophical mind [...] is a second stage of our spiritual development, our spiritual doing."
-- Hans Heinz Holz

box (18.8 x 14 x 1.4 cm) with 2 DVDs, total length: 353 min.
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Konzeption: Hans Heinz Holz und Rüdiger Schmidt-Grépály (Kolleg Friedrich Nietzsche der Klassikstiftung Weimar)
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