Cover of audio CD »Jaime Reis: Fluxus Cycle«, 2020
Type of publication
Audio CD
Author / Editor
Jaime Reis (ed.)
Publishing house, place
Kairos, Wien/Vienna

Featuring all works from the composer’s Fluxus cycle, inspired by Physics principles, this monographic phonogram ranges from acousmatic music composed for highly complex systems of sound spatialisation in dome-shaped structures to solo and chamber mixed music works composed between 2012 and 2019.

"All works of this album are part of my Fluxus cycle, which is inspired by physical phenomena associated with fluid mechanics. Space is not a mere concept: It is an experienced reality where frames, forces and fluxes interplay in a creative dynamic - which I strive to convey in my music", says Jaime Reis about this recording. Reis' music is informed by both his keen interest in cutting-edge research in the natural sciences, and his abiding attention to Asian musical — and indeed spiritual — traditions.

1. Fluxus, Dimensionless Sound (B) (2012-17) for flute and electronics, 09:32
2. Fluxus, Lift (2013) for electronics, 05:09
3. Fluxus, Drag (2015) for cello, double bass and electronics, 05:31
4. Fluxus, Transitional Flow (2013) for viola and electronics, 09:26
5. Fluxus, pas trop haut dans le ciel (2017) for electronics, 09:18
6. Fluxus, Vortex - Schubkraft (2018-19) for guitar quartet and electronics, 11:17

German, English
1 CD, total time 50:13; 1 Booklet, 27 p.
Katalognr. KAI0015080
Organization / Institution
ZKM | Hertz-Lab

Clara Saleiro, Pınar Dinçer, Duo Contracello, Aleph Guitar Quartet

Jaime Reis

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