Morton Feldman Patterns in a Chromatic Field

for violoncello and piano (1981)

Colourful CD Cover
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Audio CD
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WERGO (ed), recorded and mixed at the ZKM | Hertz-Lab
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WERGO, a division of SCHOTT MUSIC & MEDIA GmbH, Mainz

Morton Feldman's Patterns in a Chromatic Field is a significant composition not only of American modernism, but of the 20th century itself. The composer plays with the musical memory of his listeners and thus creates timeless spheres: In minimally varying patterns, the listener experiences a trance-like avant-garde experience in which past, present and future cancel each other out.

Patterns in a Chromatic Field follows the principle of difference and repetition. The composition functions like a still life and is based on the colour variation of Persian carpets: even a pattern that seems to repeat itself exactly is slightly altered due to slight variations in colour tone during its repetitions.

In his piece for piano and cello, Morton Feldman designs a large-scale auditory pattern, creating a transformative and meditative musical experience.

German and English
1 CD, 25 S. Booklet, 12,4 x 14,2 cm
4010228738223 (EAN)
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ZKM | Hertz-Lab

ZKM | Hertz-Lab


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