Three grids on which more clearly apicture of the ZKM_Foyer is shown

The ZKM | Center for Art and Media is a site of scientific and artistic research. Here, scientists and artists from around the world find unique conditions for realizing theoretical and practical projects and presenting the results to a broad public. By way of international collaboration with other museums, universities, and publishers, the ZKM is not only linked to the most recent developments in art and science, but also sets new points of thematic focus that are taken up throughout the world.

Research constitutes the basis for fulfilling the museums’ central tasks: the collection, preservation, and presentation of artworks. In keeping with its fundamental mandate, the ZKM takes up these challenges in this context, above all in the field of electronic arts: In collaboration with international specialists and scientists, ZKM dedicates itself to both art-historical and theoretical research in this field, as well as to issues relating to restoration and the sustainable preservation of digital cultural heritage. Furthermore, the use of current media technologies develops new forms of art presentation. The ZKM is a forum for current artistic and socio-political themes. Themes and questions raised here are discussed together with diverse social actors.

Today, the significance of the research fields as defined from the outset in 1989 can no longer be overlooked: the exploration of the possibilities of new media technologies for the arts, as well as research into the media transformation’s effects on society – on culture, education, economy, and politics.

By way of exhibitions, guided tours, conferences, lectures, books, DVDs, and online publications, research results are made accessible to both specialist audiences as well as the broad public.

The research program at ZKM is made possible by the generous support of the City of Karlsruhe, the Land Baden-Württemberg, as well as national and international foundations and the European Union.