Semiosis (1976–1994)

Internationale Zeitschrift für Semiotik und Ästhetik

Cover of the magazine "semiosis": white text on black background

The magazine »Semiosis. Internationale Zeitschrift für Semiotik und Ästhetik«[1] founded in 1976 by Max Bense, Gérard Deledalle, Klaus Oehlen and Elisabeth Walther-Bense, was published over ninety-two issues until 1998, with articles in German, French, Italian and English, and was multilingual from the beginning. Hundred and seventy authors have written articles here.

As an organ of the Vereinigung für wissenschaftliche Semiotik e.V., the Forschungsgruppe für Semiotik und Wissenschaftstheorie der Universität Stuttgart and the Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Communication et de l'Education, Faculté Pluridisciplinaire des Sciences Humaines et Sociales, Perpignan, it had set itself the task of expanding the original Peirce basis of semiotics. Publications of original works and reports on their philosophical, scientific and pragmatic conception, as well as historically oriented studies on the emergence of the general theory of signs were the set tasks of the »Zeitschrift für Semiotik und ihre Anwendungen«.[2] Poetry and literature, painting, drawing and calligraphy, as well as architecture, design and music formed the practical disposition and projection surfaces of the theoretical treatises. Other fields of application of semiotics were mathematics and computer science, philosophy, linguistics, psychoanalysis, as well as theory of science and pedagogy. Thus the journal was and remained for years a communication and condensation apparatus of semiotic research worldwide.

In addition to the founders Max Bense, Gérard Deledalle and Elisabeth Walther, the editors over the years have included Udo Bayer, Hans Brög, Hanna Buczyńska-Garewicz, Robert Marty, Abraham A. Moles, Shutaro Mukai, Mihai Nadin, Armando Plebe, Robert E. Taranto, Manfred Schmalriede, Manfred Speidel, and Thomas G. Winner. Ertekin Arin, Pietro Emanuele and Georg Nees also sat on the scientific advisory board.

»Semiosis« was published by Agis-Verlag Baden-Baden.


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[1] Until »Semiosis, Issue 9« the title of the magazine was »Semiosis. Internationale Zeitschrift für Semiotik und ihre Anwendungen« [Semiosis. International journal for semiotics and its applications]".
[2] Cf. »Zur Aufgabe dieser Zeitschrift«, in: »Semiosis. Internationale Zeitschrift für Semiotik und Ästhetik«, Issue 1, Agis-Verlag, Baden-Baden 1976, p. 5.