Urban Invention – 2016

Urban Invention: SisyFox (2016)

In Greek mythology, King Sisyphos was punished by the gods: over and over again he has to roll up a boulder up a steep slope, which always rolls away from him shortly before he reaches the top.

In »SisyFox« the players take the role of a fox. They also roll a stone ball up a mountain. However, this task should not be viewed as a punishment. »SisyFox« calls for a society where failure is not the worst thing that can happen and where people dare to start over and develop. Failure is the beginning of a new start.

»SisyFox« is controlled by an exercise ball connected to a force feedback system. The game trains motor skills, balance, and stamina and thus is suitable for using in physiotherapy and rehabilitation. It's an example of gamification: The fun is in the foreground, the training happens by the way.

»SisyFox« was acquired for the ZKM collection due to the support of the »Fördergesellschaft ZKM / HfG e.V.«

 Material / Technique
PC, exercise ball, trackball, rollers, brake.
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