Unusually impractical – technology break with Chindōgu

School Workshop

On the left side you can see the shell of an old tube television made of wood where a candle stands instead of the screen. Opposite is a Buddha figure with a toothpick in his mouth.

Book a workshop for school classes on a date of your choice.

From grade 5 onwards, Duration: 3 hours, max. 10 participants, Costs: 158 €, Language: German

What do Pepper the robot and a Chindōgu have in common? Both come from Japan and both are man-made tools. But one thing sets them apart: While the robot is programmed for efficiency and utility, the strange Chindōgus are definitely not allowed to be practical!

In the context of the exhibition »BioMedien« we deal with artificial intelligences and their influence in our everyday life. The technical »fellow beings« can relieve us of time and support us in everyday tasks.

But how have the technical possibilities changed our behavior, our perception and our thinking? How do our bodies and minds react to the technologized environment? Does some technology perhaps interfere too much with our interpersonal relationships?

We will create unusual Chindōgu artworks to humorously question our use of technology and provide alternative answers to real-world problems.

In line with the educational programs of all types of schools in the subjects of fine arts, social studies and the basic course in media education.


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