Video tours: Alone at the ZKM

Writing the History of the Future

A huge metal mill wheel stands in an exhibition room. At the mill wheel there are tube screens on which videos of water are played.

Embark on a journey of discovery through the history of media art! In the video tours, our junior and adult experts present works from the exhibition »Writing the History of the Future«

Art educator Carmen Beckenbach explores the exhibition »Writing the History of the Future« together with two junior experts. Protected by mouthguards and laser swords, Lola and Theo will use Scenocosme's installation »Akousmaflore« (2007) to elicit sounds from sensory plants, jam amidst several microphones of the »Messa di Voce« (2003) installed by Golan Levin and Zachary Lieberman, and conjure up color. Through the experts we learn that Yoda belongs to the risk group and that Darth Vader is a model of hygiene. 

In the museum alone, the adult experts also show selected works of art from the exhibition, such as Daniel Heiss' installation »Flick KA AI« (2019), which challenges Natalie Wasiljew to distinguish computer-generated from real people. Or Volker Hildebrandt's »Bildstörung« from 1987, which Oliver Krätschmer takes a closer look at. Seraphine Meya, for her part, writes spiders into the world at the antique typewriter of Christa Sommerer's and Laurent Mignonneau's »Life Writer« (2006), which suddenly become independent and feed on letters.