ZKM goes BIAN Montreal

Peter Weibel curates German contribution

Wording: Digital Art Biennal Montreal

The BIAN 2018 will be curated by Peter Weibel, artist, curator and director of the ZKM | Center for Media Art in collaboration with Alain Thibault, artistic director of the international digital art festival ELEKTRA in Montreal. 

Created in 2012, the international digital art biennial (BIAN) is a major exhibition focusing on contemporary digital art. Germany will be the guest country in 2018. The German contribution will be the work »Bibliotheca digitalis: Three Phases of Digitization« (Bernd Lintermann, Nikolaus Völzow and Peter Weibel, 2017) from the ZKM production and collection.  The work can currently also be seen in the exhibition »Open Codes. Living in Digital Worlds« at the ZKM in Karlsruhe.

Exhibition view »Open Codes. Living in Digital Worlds«
Bernd Lintermann & Nikolaus Völzow, »Bibliotheca digitalis: Three Phases of Digitization«, 2017

The 4th edition of BIAN is entitled »AUTOMATA: Sing the Body Electric« in reference to Walt Whitman’s 1855 poem »I Sing the Body Electric«. In this ode to physicality, the author explores ideas of the mind, the electrified body, and the ways in which these elements interact, implicitly or explicitly, in respectful or exploitative relations. Today, the »electrified« body is in dialogue with other bodies and systems in multiple and ever more innovative ways.