Many people are in Lichthof 8 and look at the artworks of the exhibition »Negativer Raum«.


Current developments in art and society are shown at the ZKM in thematic and monographic exhibitions. The magazine collects retrospectives, field reports and provides insight into exhibitions of space-based arts such as painting, photography and sculpture as well as time-based arts such media art, music and performance.

Artikel der Rubrik

Ein Autowrack als Freiheitssymbol. Die Künstlerin Fatan Rouissi gestaltete am Eröffnungsabend der Ausstellung »Cross-border« im ZK...
»Sehr geehrter Herr Prof. Dr. Bremer, liebe Mondwesen, lieber Jemand, lieber Besucher...«VON ZKM | MUSEUMSKOMMUNIKATION– noch bev...
Artworks of various origins travel from exhibition to exhibition and cross state borders. Can they be understood everywhere independently from their regional context?
The messages may be messages, news, short prose works, aphorisms, wishes or questions.
Kryptographie – Was ist das eigentlich? Diese Frage werden sich nicht wenige Menschen stellen, wenn sie das Wort zum ersten Mal hö...
The visitor travels back in time to the 1960s through to the 1980s.This exhibition gathers together the most popular video works from the founding phase of the artistic medium of video.