Blue Guy

Peter Schönwandt - 2020

Illustration of the work Blue Guy by Peter Schönwandt

The artwork »Blue Guy« by Peter Schönwandt consists of 4,339 keys and shows the computer game character Inky – one of the four ghosts from the famous computer game »Pac-Man«.

Just like in the game, the shy, sometimes moody ghost has discovered something: Pac-Man has made his way through the labyrinth via the wall of the ZKM and appears as a symbol on one of the yellow keys. Peter Schönwandt says »the keys are silent contemporary witnesses of symbolic value. Countless hands have pressed, hacked and touched them to write programs, judgments, messages, e-mails, important and unimportant, permitted and forbidden matters.«

Material / Technique

4,339 computer keyboard

keycaps on wooden panel


ZKM | Center for Art and Media



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