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»How many women study and work in arts subjects and what do they earn? Are they in leading positions [...] and what are the stumbling blocks, encouragements and support? How can gender justice be achieved in the cultural and media sector?« These are the questions posed by the authors of the study »Women in Culture and the Media«, published in 2016 and initiated by the German Cultural Council.

The German Cultural Council is the umbrella organisation of the federal cultural associations. It stimulates cultural policy discussion at all political levels. It published the study »Frauen in Kultur und Medien« (Women in Culture and the Media) and has since then, with a project office under the patronage of Monika Grütters, been explicitly committed to networking and making women visible in culture and the media.

The German Cultural Council has been dealing with the situation of women in culture & media since 1994, and in 2016 the Council published its third study on this topic. The project office »Women in Culture & Media« was established in July 2017 in response to this third publication. The project office makes a valuable contribution to the networking of individual platforms, regularly publishes articles on women artists, cultural managers and filmmakers and initiated a mentoring programme for women aspiring to a leading position in the cultural sector.

Within the framework of the Feminale, the German Cultural Council committed itself to networking with contemporary female composers, provided valuable statistics on the equality of women in the cultural sector with the existing study, also specifically in the field of composition, and was available for an interview.


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