Susigames – 2006

A ghost holds a green paper roll, below that it says "Edgebomber"

»EdgeBomber« is a typical platform game.

As hero Ozkar, the players have to liberate the ice princess Susi and fend off the attacks of hostile sausages and a chair called Hubert. The special feature of this mixed-media video game is that the levels are designed by the players themselves. They can define the platforms by sticking black adhesive tape on the playing field. These shapes are then converted into playable levels by automatic image recognition.

Physical world and virtual game blend.

The adhesive tape levels are saved automatically. A code is displayed at the end of a game round. In the arcade version of »EdgeBomber« the level can then be called up by entering the code and played again.

»EdgeBomber« was created in the ZKM artist-in-residence program.

Material / Technique

PC, Windows, Webcam, Projection


ZKM | Center for Art and Media




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