Heinz Emigholz: Goff in the desert
Sun, 28.09.2003, 4 pm CEST

[D, 2003, 110 min., 35 mm, colour, dolby digital]

The film shows 62 buildings by the American architect, Bruce Goff [1904-1982] – from a filling station hut to a representative museum – which makes it the first comprehensive cinematic documentation of almost all Goff’s buildings that are still standing. The controversies caused by Bruce Goff’s works during his lifetime are legendary. Almost all his buildings were a shock in the landscape, which generated hitherto unsuspected potential for architecture. Bruce Goffis the great unknown of original American architecture, despite the fact that he worked closely with Frank Lloyd Wright and was an extremely influential teacher as the Head of the School of Architecture at the University of Oklahoma. 

Heinz Emigholz is a film-maker, artist, actor, publicist, producer and Professor for Experimental Film Design at the University of the Arts in Berlin. His film photography is ingenious in its approach to the spaces designed by Bruce Goff. The film material was produced during 40 days of shooting in April and May 2002 on a 9,200-mile journey through the USA. Goff in der Wüste was premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival on 14 February 2003.

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