Listening and Seeing
Friday concerts
Fri, October 31, 2003 7 pm CET, Opening

The third concert in the Listening and Seeing series is curated by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Frisius, who introduces the various aspects of the lighting accompanying the music. The pieces selected for the programme include works by such varying figures as the acousmatic composers, Bernhard Parmegiani and Francois Bayle, and the algorithmic composers, Ludger Brümmer and Iannis Xenakis. They all attempt to contrast, assign or dominate the visual stimulus by means of a different musical approach. Each director interprets the music in his own cinematic language.


19.00 hrs Lecture with an introduction to the works to be performed 

20.30 hrs Concert with works by Parmegiani, Bayle, Brümmer and Xenakis

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