EU-Projekt Scalex (Opening)
Wed, March 31, 2004 6 pm CEST, Opening

Every day for a month, beginning on 31 March 2004, visitors to the ZKM⎥Media Museum will be able to enjoy a multimedia guided tour during normal opening hours. In contrast to the usual audio guides the ZKM is experimenting with a new system that allows visitors to call up information on selected works of art on a mobile hand-held computer. The information consists of videos, oral explanations, photos and texts on more than just the works on display in the Media Museum. The virtual guided tour makes a visit to an exhibition more interesting and varied and adds a personalised touch. The guided tour also has introductions to media art and art works that can be readily understood by schoolchildren. 

This one-month period is the test stage for the multimedia exhibition guide, which has been developed as part of the Scalex (scalable exhibition server) EU project.

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