Linux Audio Developers Opening Concert
Thu, 29.04.2004, 8 pm CEST

The theme of the opening concert at the 2nd International Linux Audio Conference (LAC) is »Linux as a Platform for Composers«. All the works to be performed have been largely or completely produced under Linux.

Orm Finnendahl's piece for saxophone, drums and live electronics, which was composed at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, will be performed for the first time at the concert. One of Finnendahl’s main interests is computer technology and its impact on musical comprehension. The performers are Sascha Armbruster [saxophone] and Burkhard Beins [drums]. Beins is mostly active in the improvised music scene, while Armbruster is known primarily as an interpreter of (non-improvised) contemporary music. In the past both artists have regularly operated in the border area between improvised and composed music, just as the composer, Orm Finnendahl, has done. For the live electronics in this piece Finnendahl used pd software under Linux. He will explain some of the techniques used during the performance in a pd workshop during the LAC Conference and, together with the performers, will use acoustic examples to illustrate them.

Other works to be performed at the concert:

»Anonymous Obvious« (2000) by Michael Edwards, for 4-channel tape recorder, produced using clm software and ProTools
»iICEsCcRrEeAaMm« (1998) by Fernando Pablo Lopez-Lezcano, or 8-channel tape recorder, produced using clm software
»Gesualdo« (2003) by Ludger Brümmer, ffor 4-channel tape recorder, produced using clm and pd software.

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