Live Music: rheinwärts / Utopias
Thu, 03.06.2004, 8 pm CEST
Broadcast live on Bayern 4 Klassik

What does man quest for? Allegedly for the truth – for truthfulness and authenticity. It would appear that he now tends to find this in the new media rather than in real life. An American study claims to have established that many more lies are told in face-to-face conversations [25 per cent] than in comparable e-mail communications [7 per cent]. Wherever you are thrown back on yourself and very intimate flights of imagination, wherever it is the naked word and the naked character alone that count, while everything complex, all the traditional shallowness of communication is carefully faded out, there is suddenly room for honesty. What does this change of attitudes mean for our perception, for the production and reception of art; and what media-based utopias are being formulated here?
Engaging in a debate on the subject as part of Live Music: rheinwärts are media scientist Lydia Hartl, neuroscientist Ingo Rentschler, film-maker Hans Steinbichler, composer Ludger Brümmer, Head of the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, and media philosopher Peter Weibel, Board Member and Director of the ZKM | Karlsruhe. The presenters are Peter Arp and Christine Lemke-Matwey. The music is by Ludger Brümmer and comes from the ZKM’s in-house laboratory.
Organization / Institution
Bayerischer Rundfunk ; BMW Group