Playgrounds and Sound Spaces
Radio Plays in Surround Sound
Sun, September 19, 2004 6 pm CEST, Concert
This event treats listeners to very different kinds of radio play. The special technical feature of all the productions is the surround sound, which provides a fascinating experience of sound and space. What is already standard in the film industry is still virgin territory for the radio play – a new dimension in listening. First of all, Artemis Fowl introduces himself to the younger listeners and lets them participate in his adventures in a mixture of detective stories and fantasy.
Radio plays of a very different nature are then presented by Thomas Gerwin with his Five Radio Installations. They build up situations in the listener’s space which intersect or penetrate other diverging situations. These are all situations the listener is familiar with but which do not normally occur in this combination. From the gradual change of listening perspectives stories can emerge that take on a different guise for each listener. What intrigued Thomas Gerwin about Alfred Döblin’s Incomprehensible Stories, which the Berlin composer set to music, was the musical structure he detected in the anecdotes. His version presents Döblin’s stories from a little-known perspective by first processing the voice recordings at the computer and then weaving them into a musical piece.

<sabine schäfer / / joachim krebs> have devoted their joint work exclusively to recordings of natural sounds. Transforming the material but not changing it artificially, they succeed – through the audio microscopy of animal sounds and natural atmospheres – in engineering sound characteristics that normally remain inaudible to the human ear and thus in developing multi-linear listening spaces.
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16:00 Artemis Fowl
Radio play after the book for young people by Eoin Colfer

18:00 Thomas Gerwin
Five Radio Installations
The Eruption of Vesuvius
and other »Incomprehensible Stories« after Alfred Döblin

<sabine schäfer / / joachim krebs>
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