Transformation of Perception
A Walk through Three Positions
Thu, 14.07.2005, 7 pm CEST

The visitor experiences a space-absorbing arrangement of the dissolution of narrative and place in three stages.
The video film »Burning Thoughts« unfolds in a unity of time and place. The apparently clear reality of the images becomes increasingly entangled in a web of subjective relations of people and places, the perception of which requires constant reformulation. The audio installation Chi translates the principle of Chinese painting with black ink into an abstract musical movement. In doing so, it leaves the narrative behind to concentrate completely on the space-absorbing gesture. The energetic flow of dormant strength, released in a great arch, unfolds before the listener’s ear. The video installation Yawning Void, which is spread across three screens, puts three-dimensionality into perspective. The unclear location of the film and the broken-up narrative structure evoke a sense of emptiness and space in the auditorium.

Artists and their works

Nina Vöge, Pei-Yu Shi, Kilian Ochs
»Burning Thoughts«, Video, 13 min, 2005

Pei-Yu Shi
»Chi – Dormant Strength, Movement«, 8 channel audio installation, 13 min, 2001

Holger Mader, Alexander Stublic, Heike Wiermann with Echo Ho
»Yawning Void«, 3 channel video installation, 16 min, 2004

Organization / Institution