The University of Music Karlsruhe as Guest at the ZKM
Wed, January 18, 2006 – Fri, January 20, 2006, Concert
For several years now the Karlsruhe University of Music has been a welcome guest, presenting concerts of a high standard every January here at ZKM. The Institute of New Music and Media (InMM), whose musical director is Wolfgang Rihm, continues to attract students from all over the world. It is not only the tutelage from such distinguished composers that brings them here, but also the chance to study electronic music. The ComputerStudio (led by Thomas A.Troge) offers exceptional equipment and a thorough course program. The percussion class, led by Prof. Isao Nakamura, present a concert of works written for percussion and electronics, and will be performing for the second time at ZKM already. Over three evenings you can listen to music written for loudspeakers or for acoustic instruments as well as interpretations of works which have established themselves as “classics” of new music.


Institute of New Music and Media: Studio Concert
Wednesday 18.01.06, 8 pm, ZKM-Kubus, Admission 5€ / 2,50€
Works composed at the ComputerStudio, Karlsruhe University of Music. Composers include Damon Thomas Lee, Jœrg Lindenmaier, Matthias Ockert, Zhang Siije, Rita L.Torres and Thomas A.Troge. Mixing Desk: Rainer Lorenz, Conductor: Prof. Dr. Thomas A.Troge.

Thursday 19.01.06, 6 pm, ZKM-Kubus, Admission free
Presentation of new DVD “Wolfgang Rihm - Snapshots. A Portrait” (by Dieter Rexroth, Susanne Laßwitz and Wolf Seesemann), in presence of both Wolfgang Rihm and Dieter Rexroth. Wolfgang Rihm (*1952) is one of the most productive and successful contemporary music composers in Germany. His enormous œuvre includes music in all categories, ranging from solo pieces to extensive operas lasting a whole evening.

Institute for New Music and Media: Portrait concert Matthias Ockert
Thursday 19.01.06, 8 pm, ZKM-Kubus, Admission free
Works with and without electronics. Performers; students of Karlsruhe University of Music, with special guests. Mixing Desk: Rainer Lorenz, Conductor: Prof. Dr. Thomas A.Troge

Institute for New Music and Media: Percussions and Electronics
Friday 20.01.06, 8 pm, ZKM-Kubus, Admission 5€ / 2,50€
Concert with the percussion class taught by Prof. Isao Nakamura, and the computer studio of Karlsruhe University of Music. Music by Luigi Nono, Pei-Yu Shi and Kaija Saariaho. Special guest Cornelia Monske, conductor: Prof. Isao Nakamura.
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