upDate: Lenara Verle
Wed, January 18, 2006 6 pm CET, Lecture
As part of the ZKM/Institute for Visual Media Production Stipend, Lenara Verle, special prize winner of the \\International\Media Prize for Science and Art 2005, will be introducing her newest work “MIND VJ” as well as her highly acclaimed “Gridcosm 1000-000”. The video animation “Gridcosm 1000-000” contains work by over 100 artists recorded over a span of 5 years, compressed into a 3-dimensional illusion. The “MIND VJ” performance captures brain wave rhythms, employing them as the main triggering mechanism. As this naturally occurring cerebrally electric activity is harnessed, it is “made visible” in the form of the artist’s own imagery, further transformed and manipulated in the real time of the performer’s (MIND VJ) brain wave frequency.

\\International\Media prize for Science and Art 2005

This Year is the last year in which the \\International\Media prize for Science and Art 2005 is to be awarded. The Belgian Johan Grimonprez received the main prize of 12000€ in the Video category, for his work “LOOKiNG for ALFREd”. The shared prize for Installation went to Manfred Wolff Plottegg and Wolfgang Maass for their installation “Neuronaler Architektur Generator”, as well as to student Verena Friedrich for her “Hole in One” installation. Both entries were awarded 6000€. The special Nano prize for the best scientific visualisation in medicine, science and engineering, went to the astrophysicist Volker Springel for his work “Millenium-Simulation”. Lenara Verle also received a further prize from the LBBW special committee. A prize for the audience’s favourite video went to Falk von Traubenberg, from Hamburg, for his “Kopfkunst - Mindstorm # 01”.
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