Quantum Leaps II
Sat, March 11, 2006 8 pm CET, Concert


The Electronics in My Life
Saturday, 11 March 06, 8 pm, ZKM-Cube
Robin Minard »Music for Quiet Spaces« - Percussion and Electronics
Steve Reich “Violin Phase” - Violin and Tape
Fabien Levy »L’air d’ailleurs« - Saxophone and Electronics
Ivan Fedele »Elettra« - Viola and Electronics
James Wood “Mountain Language” - Alphorn, Percussion and Electronics
Dai Fukiura »Moromoro« - Piano, Electronics and Video
Phillippe Manoury »Jupiter« - Flute and Electronics
Luigi Nono »Sofferte Onde Serene« - Piano and Electronics

IEMA Scholars

Guest Appearance at Quantum Leaps: silence is my voice
Saturday, 11 March 06, 10.30 pm, ZKM-Cube
Alvin Lucier »Music for Baritone with slow sweep Pure Wave Oscillators«
Matthias Kaul »Silence is my Voice« - Voice and Electronics, world premiere
Matthias Kaul »Listen this is for You« - Feedback bottle, Cardboard, Box with Copper Wire, Plastic Sheet, Mouth organ and 4 Needles
Noah Creshevski »Jubilat« - Voice and Voice-samples
Organization / Institution
Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie