Pierre Henry on his 80th Birthday: Une maison de sons. A House of Sounds
Fri, November 30, 2007 – Sun, December 02, 2007, Concert
ZKM | Karlsruhe presents an homage to Pierre Henry, grandfather of electro-acoustic music and Musique Concrète, in honor of his 80th birthday, on 9 December. Three programs will present works that he created from 1982 to 2002 for the "Studio Akustische Kunst" at WDR Cologne.
Since the 1950s, Pierre Henry acted as a groundbreaking pioneer, opening up new aesthetic levels of experience and transgressing genre borders in his compositions. In 1958 he founded his own studio, "Apsome," in Paris, which was the first private studio for electronic music; known internationally since 1990 as "Studio Son/Ré." Until today, he creates his complex electro-acoustic compositions there, which he effectively performs through large loudspeaker systems. In a three-part, sound space installation, ZKM will realize nine poetically-musical radio works that Pierre Henry composed for the WDR "Studio Akustische Kunst," a music film, and several studio conversations.

Curated by Klaus Schöning

Productions from the WDR "Studio Akustische Kunst" and the "Son/Ré" studio in Paris


Journal of my sounds /Journal de mes sons, 1982 with Ingrid Caven
The small works / Les petits métiers 1995 Remix of film compositions
8 p.m. La Ville. Die Stadt. Metropolis Paris – Berlin 1985, Sound film
Walter Ruttman: "Berlin. Die Sinfonie der Großstadt," composition by Pierre Henry: "Metropolis Paris"


Futuristie 1988 for Luigi Russolo
Crystal memory I/II / Crystal mémoire I/II 1988 after Marcel Proust with Heinz Bennent
and Hanna Schygulla
La Ville. Die Stadt. Metropolis Paris 1984


Une maison de sons / A house of sounds 1990 – 3,000 sounds from the Son/Ré sound archive
Phrases de Quatuor 1996 for Franz Schubert, to "Schubertnotizen" by Friederike Mayröcker
Antagonismen / Antagonismes 1996 (Karl Sczuka Prize 1997)
Equivalences 2002, Pierre Henry with Ingrid Caven and Klaus Schöning
Organization / Institution