rosalie: Hyperion_Fragment (Opening)
Eine Komposition aus Licht
Fri, 24.10.2008, 10 pm CEST
With HYPERION_Fragment, and in addition to HELIOS (to be seen at the ZKM_Cube) another of rosalie's works is to be presented at the ZKM. The work was created as a collaborative project between the Stuttgart artist and the composer, Georg Friedrich Hass, on the occasion of the Donaueschingen Music Festival, in 2006. With its presentation at the ZKM_Foyer, it has now attained a new dimension but, at the same time, a new level of meaning as a unique example of light sculpture. 3.150 computer-guided lighting units display a continual river of light between the most diverse color nuances.

In dialogue with "Light Music for a Large Orchestra" by Georg Friedrich Haas, this river of light represents the visual counterpart to the continual sound tapes of Haas' composition. At the ZKM, however, the music will no longer be sounding. HYPERION_Fragment has far more become an autonomous work of art – almost as if light itself has been composed once again. At the Foyer, the light installation, with a scale of c. 9.25 x 27 m, is given new, monumental arrangement.

Above all, in the early hours of the evening of ever diminishing days of light, this promises to be a breathtaking play of light, color and rhythm. The exhibition at the ZKM is to take place on the occasion of the bestowal by the European Cultural Foundation "Pro Europa" to rosalie of the European Culture Award for artistic work.

In cooperation with the Donaueschingen Music Festival / SWR.

Stream I: HYPERION_Fragment
clock hour, duration: 40 min.
Stream II: CIRCE
20 min. before the hour, duration: 20 min.
Organization / Institution
Donaueschinger Musiktagen / SWR