Talks in-between Emergencies
Poster of the converence »Talks in-between Emergencies«
State of Emergency Art Market. Space of Emergency Art
Sat, March 07, 2009 7 pm CET, Panel Discussion
»Talks in-between Emergencies« is a panel discussion curated by Yana Milev and Peter Weibel, which will take place on the one hand between medialized, global-political emergencies, and on the other hand, in modular dynamics in strategic zones chosen around the world. Starting point of the project is the ZKM | Karlsruhe.

The theme: state of emergency art market – space of emergency art, refers explicitly to a problem already given a position in 1997 by Catherine David at the Documenta 10, namely, the threat presented by the art market to the art space. David’s concept of “art as a counterforce” links up with the discourse of Theodor W. Adorno, Walter Benjamin, Jean Baudrillard, and Edward Said. In recollection of the Documenta 10, whose politics and concept have not been adequately respected or reflected on, and subsequent to the Documenta 12, the panel discussion invites the creation of an analogy between the global catastrophe market and the global art market as well as a continuation of David’s concepts in her current projects "Contemporary Arab Representations. The Iraqi Equation" (2006) and “Di/Visions” (2008), which focus on the political discourse of the Middle East. In this, the axioms “art as correlate of social anomy,” and “art as process culture of the aesthetic, political, and economic production of space” are thematized, contrasted, and discussed from the perspectives of philosophy, art theory, and media theory, political practice as well as curatorial and artistic practice by Catherine David, Jean-Baptiste Joly, Yana Milev, and Peter Weibel.
Organization / Institution
ZKM ; HfG | Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe

Institut für Designforschung der ZHdK, Design2context Zürich