A woman with lyre in front of a blue landscape. She looks at a cat that was drawn with a CAD system.
Thu, May 14, 2009 6 pm CEST, Performance
“At the start of the technical career of notations, codes, and writing systems, is the little- known music notation ‘Byzantine parasemantic notation’ from European antiquity.” (Carlé) In their book “Cat-Notation”, artist Joulia Strauss presents a system of synthetic sculptures and media, and music scholar Martin Carlé a time-critical theory of the preemptive. Their mutual work replaces the old Greek note symbols with a newly developed set of “mathematical operational animals.” Their limbs, shaped on the basis of the wealth of Greek tonalities, reveal for the first time in a time-sensitive 3-D environment, a dance embodying a melody’s specific ethos in the character of a sculpture. In that they open up the wonder of modulation with animal transformations, Cat-Notation not only steps over the border of symbolic notations, but also sets free the knowledge within which our future lies.

In a conversation with the art critic and curator Diana Baldon along with Peter Weibel, the authors will discuss the artistic and scientific implementation of the book published by Merve-Verlag. The presentation will also include a hymn on the god of music and beauty.

Joulia Strauss and Martin Carlé in conversation with Peter Weibel and Diana Baldon
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