SWR2 Studio-Brettl live with Matthias Deutschmann and Global Kryner
ARD Radio Play Days 2009
Fri, November 06, 2009 9 pm CET, Concert

Six temperamental Austrians create the world-encompassing “Global Kryner Sound” with accordion, clarinet, trumpet, guitar, and trombone. Oberkrainer folks music with a good dose of salsa and jazz. The Global Kryner perform their music throughout the world, in Europe and also in the biggest Latin American Worldmusic-festival in Mexico City – and at the ARD Radio Play Days in Karlsruhe. In his latest program, “Die Reise nach Jerusalem,” cabaret artist Matthias Deutschmann takes the audience on a journey from Berlin to Afghanistan, from Gaza-Land to Israel, and if need be, over the Arctic back to Berlin. Deutschmann commands a razor-sharp power of analysis, delivering biting but skilful commentary and unerring points.

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