Piano+ 2009 – Gero Koenig: Chordeograph 2
CHORDEOGRAPH Augmented Reality
Presentation and Performance
Sat, December 05, 2009 9 pm CET, Performance

The vision to create extended listening experiences led Gero Koenig to sound modulations that go beyond the boundaries of static tonal systems. From his sound research, the artist invents and constructs new instruments. 

The flow of sounds is controlled by moving a „slider“ made of metal, wood and glass on the strings of the instrument Chordeograph 2. The different positions and gestures possible with the sliders (including direction, angle and speed of movement) offer a soundspectrum that transcends previously known string instruments. Each movement is reflected in sounds ranging from minimal to dramatic. 

On the basis of graphic scores Koenig develops precise and repeatable playing procedures. Line-laser modules serve for Chordeograph 2 to project score information onto the strings of the instrument. Due to the time- and pulse-bound control of the guiding laser beams, the information of the score is fully integrated into the instrument. 



Presentation and Performance
Gero Keonig Chordeograph 2

Project team

Konzept, Konstruktion und Performance: Gero Koenig
Instrumentenbau: Bernd Bittmann, Peter Kelemen, Ulrich Dernbach, Bernd Wendt
Laser-Steuerung Hardware Interface: Dr. Dr. Arnold Esper
Laser-Steuerung Software Interface: Jonas Förster 

Organization / Institution

Concept, design and performance: Gero Koenig
Instrument construction: Bernd Bittmann, Peter Kelemen, Ulrich Dernbach, Bernd Wendt
Laser control hardware interface: Dr. Dr. Arnold Esper
Laser control software interface: Jonas Förster