Wed, December 01, 2010 – Sun, December 05, 2010, Festival
The IMATRONIC Festival moves the acousmonium to the center of attention. The acousmonium is a unique loudspeaker orchestra from Paris; an arrangement of 80 acoustically distinct loudspeakers, which are also different in terms of sound and optics, that is tuned in a special way for the interpretation of acousmatic music. The Festival at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics under the leadership of Ludger Brümmer and Julia Gerlach, developed in cooperation with Daniel Teruggi (director of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales – GRM), devotes itself to this special musical phenomenon from France in concerts, studios, and a two-day symposium. The festival will install the Acousmonium in the media theater for one week and at the same time celebrate the 100th birthday of Pierre Schaeffer, founding father of "musique concrète", from which acousmatic music emerged. The Acousmonium was developed by composer François Bayle at GRM in 1974 and serves for the detection and spatial differentiation of complex and multilevel soundscapes. The loudspeakers become instruments, each with its own sound characteristic. The loudspeaker orchestra is served by a "sound director" who"interprets" the compositions like a musician. France’s seminal acousmatic music composers have been invited.

As highlight and finale of this year’s annual program, the Giga-Hertz prize 2010 for electronic music (hosted by ZKM | IMA and EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO of the SWR) and the Walter Fink prize of the ZKM for dance electroacoustic music and media, will be awarded as part of IMATRONIC. The compositions of the new prize winners 2010 and the commissioned compositions from the prize winners 2009 promise a colorful diversity.

Program Acousmonium |

Giga-Hertz-Prize 2010 | Walter-Fink-Prize of the ZKM

Wed, December 01, 2010

8 p.m.: _actuel
Studio concert: Interpretation electronic compositions with
the acousmonium
with Jakob Gille (premiere), Seunghyuk Lim (premiere), and others
ZKM_Media Theater

Thu, December 02, 2010

6 p.m.: _portrait
Björn Gottstein in conversation with Eliane Radigue
ZKM_Lecture Hall

8 p.m.: _rencontre
Concert with composers from Germany and France
ZKM_Media Theater

Béatriz Ferreyra "L’Autre rive (The other shore)" (2007), work
by the French state and IMEB 2007
Francis Dhomont "Objets retrouvés" (1996, interpreted by Hans
Ludger Brümmer "Cellularium" (2009)
Hanna Hartman "Attfallagrovatrad" (2004, interpreted by Béatrix
Hans Tutschku "Firmament-schlaflos" (2010)
Luc Ferrari "Ètudes aux accident" (1958) and "Étude aux sons
tendus" (1958) (interpreted by Ludger Brümmer)
Total length of concert: 74 minutes

Fri, December 03, 2010

7 p.m.: _keynote
Lecture by François Bayle
ZKM_Media Theater

8 p.m.: _acousmatique & experimentale
Concert with acousmatic music from France
ZKM_Media Theater

Daniel Teruggi "Spaces of Mind" (2004)
Diego Losa / Beat-boxer Rewind "Human-Concrete-Music-Project"
Christian Zanési "Ambiance Matisse" (premiere, 2010)
Giuseppe Ielasi "Performance" (2010)
François Bayle "Rien n’est réel" (premiere, 2010)
Total length of concert: 79 minutes

10 p.m.: _flux
Electronic music concert with Eliane Radigue
Eliane Radigue "Adnos III" (1981)
Total length of concert: 71 minutes

Sat, December 04, 2010

_symposium: Spatial concepts and aesthetics in dialogue
10 a.m.–4 p.m.: Talks and lectures by
Christoph von Blumröder (D), Béatriz Ferreyra (F), Rudolf Frisius
(D), Gottfried Michael Koenig (NL), Robert Normandeau (CAN),
Daniel Teruggi (F)
4 p.m.: Discussion with Christoph von Blumröder, Hans Tutschku,
Robert Normandeau, Béatrix Ferreyra
Host: Ludger Brümmer
ZKM_Lecture Hall

3 p.m.: _enfants
Children’s concert with the Parisian Loudspeaker Orchestra
and selected compositions
Host: Daniel Teruggi
ZKM_Media Theater

from 7 p.m.: Giga Hertz Prize 2010
Walter-Fink-Preis of the ZKM
Awards ceremony and concerts

Sun, December 05, 2010

_symposium: Media Performances of Acousmatic Music
10 a.m.–1 p.m.: Lectures by Björn Gottstein (D), Joyce Shintani
(D), Christian Zanési (F)
1 p.m.: Discussion with Björn Gottstein, Giuseppe Ielasi, Joyce
Shintani, and Christian Zanési
Host: Julia Gerlach
ZKM_Lecture Hall

Festival direction: Ludger Brümmer Head of ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, Julia Gerlach Project coordination
Project team
Julia Gerlach (project management)
Organization / Institution



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