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next_generation 4.0: Communication

Wed, June 15 – Sun, June 19, 2011

The current meeting in a series of four of the electronic university studios next_generation 4.0 at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics (IMA) provides a platform for new generations of composers in electronic music to present their most recent compositions within the context of a compact concert program extending over five days and nights. The event will also provide the opportunity for students to engage in dialog with other like-minded participants, and to discuss their technological and artistic research. The event also expects to pay host this year to 25 universities and 150 students from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and China. Topically explosive problems are to constitute the thematic focus. Both the symposium and the concerts enquire into the "social networks and compositional identity in a globalized music world", problematize the "archiving of electronic works" and accelerate the thematic complexity "communication", as dialog between different media. The aspects to be discussed in this connection cover such areas as interface design, networking and data exchange between creators of music, compositional themes and characteristics of a collective process of creativity.

The Karlsruhe conference is a required event for anyone interested in knowing what will be developed aesthetically in the coming years in electronic music, and for anyone who wishes to be at the hub of contemporary creative output.

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ZKM | Center for Art and Media

Lorenzstraße 19
76135 Karlsruhe

+49 (0) 721 - 8100 - 1200