MA | lab No. 9
Chikashi Miyama
Thu, 10.05.2012, 6 pm CEST

Japanese composer, video artist and interface designer Chikashi Miyama has been guest artist at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics (IMA) since October, 2011.
The residency has provided him with the possibility to work intensively on new compositions, which, as part of ima | lab No. 9 and in discussion with Ludger Brümmer, director of the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, he will elaborate further before performing in a concert.

Chikashi Miyama’s extension of the musical context is defined above all by visual and physical elements. In the discussion and concert a special emphasis will be placed on the two self-developed sensor instruments which facilitate control pitch, timbre and volume by movements of the hand. He extended the instruments for sound location in space especially for the ZKM_Sound Dome; he will then present the development publically in his pieces for sensor instruments.


- Thrum für Fixed-Media (2009)

- Black Vox for the sensor instrument Peacock (2009)

- Piano Chimera for video (2007)

- A shadow play for piano and live electronics (2004)
(composition by Georg Friedrich Haas, piano: Akiko

- Radioscape for fixed media (2012)

- Liquid Flame for the sensor instrument Peacock
and interactive video (2011)

- Quicksilver for video (2010)

- Duo for piano and computer (2011)

(piano: Akiko Okabe-Dierstein)

- Treble Motion for the sensor instrument “Qgo”
and interactive video (2012/premiere)

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