Reinhold Weber. Anti-Music
Concert in Celebration of the 85th Birthday of the Composer Reinhold Weber
Fri, 20.07.2012, 8 pm CEST
On July, 18 of this year Reinhold Weber celebrates his 85th birthday. For the occasion, the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics (IMA) has organized a jubilee concert in honor of the composer. The majority of his compositions were produced in the former electronic studio at the University of Karlsruhe, under former director Prof. Fischer.
Ludger Brümmer, director of the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics (IMA) will be interviewing Reinhold Weber in the intervals between each of the pieces and will thus be hosting the concert evening. The presented works comprise a period of creativity spanning approximately 24 years. The ZKM | IMA has restored the historical audio-tapes and prepared digital versions for the concert.

Among others, the following electronic compositions will be performed

“Straßenmusikanten” [Street Musicians] (1985)
“Galaktischer Sirenengesang” [Galactic Songs of the Sirens] (1986)
“Antimusik” [Anti-Music] (1975)
“Elektronische Metamorphosen mit Herztönen” [Electronic Metamorphoses with Heart Tones] (1987)
“Strahlenschauer über Seelandschaft” [Shower of Rays over a Landscape of Souls] (1983)
“Elektronische Landschaften” [Electronic Landscapes]
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