IMA_lounge: Chickenbunny, DONT DJ, The Durian Brothers, Heatsick & Mr. Mueck
Wed, July 17, 2013 9 pm CEST, Concert
The second IMA_lounge of 2013 is dedicated to contemporary currents in club music with an experimental element. In the evening the Karlsruher music producer diskant presents itself: from the label The Durian Brothers will make an appearance − among others, with Stefan Schwander alias Antonelli Electr.–, DON’T DJ, Florian Meyer form Karlsruhe, as well as Marc Matter from the Institut für Feinmotorik aka DJ Mr. Mueck and the Chickenbunny duo. These musicians encounter the minimal casio fun(k) multi-talent Heatsick, who, with his releases on PAN, is currently catering for enthusiastic critical reviews and full dance floors. Visitors may rightly expect nothing short of a fulminating evening.


9 p.m. – 10 p.m. Mr. Mueck DJ Set
10 p.m. – 10.45 p.m. DONT DJ live
10.45 p.m. – 11.30 p.m. The Durian Brothers live
11.30 p.m. – 12.30 a.m. Heatsick live
12.30 am –1.30 am Mr. Mueck DJ Set
From 1.30 a.m. Chickenbunny DJ Set


Heatsick is a project of the British musician and fine artist Steven Warwick. For his live shows he draws solely on a single Casio keyboard, accompanied by numerous effects. Particularly appealing to the public is that Warwick’s music is produced in realtime – composed of loops introduced manually. By alienating, chopping and stretched these, an hypnotic pulsing magical compression emerges. Aesthetically, Heatsick draws both on the early Chicago House as well as on musique concrète and psychedelia. His sound both captivates and hypnotizes, drawing an enthusiastic public onto the dance floor. Thus, among others, he has appeared at the Unsound Festival in Malmö, at the Flow Festival in Helsinki or Frankfurt Städelschule – and he is now to be seen for the first time, and in color, in Karlsruhe.

The Durian Brothers

In the Solon des Amateurs milieu, founded in Dusseldorf at the end of 2008, members of The Durian Brothers and numerous other groups were and continue to be active, as well as solo projects. Among these belong, among others, the Institut für Feinmotorik, Antonelli Electr., Harmonious Thelonious, A Rocket in Dube, DJ Don T. or Voiceover. The Durian Brothers arrange contemporary instrumental club music which is not centered on the bass and drum as a central element. Her music is far more carried by rhythm structures. In that the music is often raw, including a range of noisy sounds, it may be classed in the Rythm’n’Noise genre. For her live concerts, the trio draws on prepared turntables, effects devices, a drum machine and a sequencer. Releases: Clubs EP (diskant 2009), Cuts EP (diskant 2010), Cubs EP (diskant 2012), Split EP (FatCat 2013)


DONT’ DJ is the music-oriented solo project of Florian Meyer‘s, founding member of the club, meta c´est moi, Institut für Feinmotorik and The Durian Brothers. The focus is on experimental rhythm structures beyond the »4 to the floor«. »Diskant #06« is its first vinyl release and one of the occasions for the evening. As DJ act he can be regularly heard at Cream (Fukuoka, Japan) and Salon des Amateurs (Düsseldorf) prepares eclectic arrangements on postcolonial cultural imperialism.

Mr. Mueck

In more recent years Mr. Mueck’s emphasis has shifted to an open musical idea of dance music. His points of emphasis continue to be instrumental music, percussive minimalism and the gravitational shift to the dance floor. Mr. Mueck is member of the artist’s group Institut für Feinmotorik and has been a member of The Durian Brothers from the outset. Furthermore, he is resident DJ at the Salon des Amateurs Club in Düsseldorf, for which, for many years, he has been co-designer of the program. His first mixtape appeared in 1996 as limited-edition cassette and, around the turn of the century, he was primarily active as House- and Techno DJ, among others, in Zurich, Basel, Cologne and Berlin.


"Chickenbunny" is, in fact, a chicken-filled sandwich from the Apartheid era in South Africa. In a musical context, however, the name refers to a collaboration of the DJ’s Lotterleben and DON’T DJ.
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