Chris Ziegler: Swarm Lake
Kenneth Flak stands upright, in his left arm he holds Külli Roosna, she hugs him. Both are covered by a projection with neon green lines.
Fri, 06.09.2013 8 pm

Dance meets media art: Karlsruhe media artist Chris Ziegler presents his new dance production with the Norwegian/Estonian dance duo Kenneth Flak and Kolli Rossna. The basis of the dance performance is the system of movementelaborated by the dance duo entitled Response Body − Responsive Space. This system conceives of the body as a system, which seeks the connection of space, audience and media on stage. In collaboration with Swiss scientist Daniel Bisig, Chris Ziegler designs a Corps de Ballet, a computer generated swarm of agents which dance like fish around visitors’ feet.

Project team

Design, choreography/production
Kenneth Flak, Külli Roosna, Chris Ziegler
Kenneth Flak, Külli Roosna
Kenneth Flak
Stage, software
Chris Ziegler
Swarm algorithms, software
Daniel Bisig