Christian Ziegler

Christian Ziegler
Year of birth, place
1963, Karlsruhe, Germany
lives and works in
Role at the ZKM
Guest Artist
Institute / Department
Institute for Visual Media, Institute for Music and Acoustics
At the ZKM

    2000 - 2002


The work of Christian Ziegler ranges from CD-ROM and DVD-ROM projects to interactive installations and multimedia performances resp. performance environments. Among the focuses of his work are the discussion of the spatio-temporal parameters and the experiencing of the moving image as well as the interdisciplinary combination of new media and the performing arts. In 2000, Ziegler began to realize works for the stage in the fields of dance, performance and [music] theater, which explore the conceptual characteristics of the performance on stage, of space, movement, text, music and image, and their interplay. 

His installations as well as his collaborative works, which are realized in the context of international collaborations, have been presented worldwide at, for example, Munich’s »Dance 2008« festival [D], at »Dance and Media Japan« [2006], in the context of the »Kunstfest Weimar« [2007], at PACT Zollverein [Choreographic Center NRW] [2005], or as part of the »EMAF - European Media Art Festival Osnabrueck« [2003]. Ziegler was an artist-in-residence at institutions, such as the Arizona State University [Phoenix, USA], the media/art/laboratory tesla [Berlin, D], the Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts [Amsterdam, NL], and the ZKM⎥Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe [D].

Works in connection with the ZKM:

  • »rickshaw bangalore« [2006-08], Interactive video installation for PanoramaScreen
  • »forest 2 – another midsummer night’s dream« [2007/2008], Media opera
  • »forest 2 - cellular automaton« [2007], Interaktive installation
  • »Double Skin/Double Mind« [2007] - Christian Ziegler, Frédérique Bevilaqua, Bertha Bermudez, Emio Greco | PC Research project; Interactive installation/ print publication with DVD-ROM and DVD-Video
  • »bullitt« [2006] - Christian Ziegler, Arco Renz, Interactive dance performance
  • »wald - forest« [2005-06], Interactive dance performance/ Interactive light and sound installation/ Interactive light and sound installation for Sound Dome
  • »Dear Elizabeth, why did you leave so soon?« [2005-06] - Ted Stoffer, Johan van Kreij, Christian Ziegler, Interactive performance-installation
  • »turned« [2004], Multimedia dance performance and electroacoustic concert
  • »66movingimages« [1998/2002], Interactive installation
  • »ddr! - dance dance revolution!« [2003-04], Interactive multimedia dance performance
  • »scanned V« [2001], Interactive dance performance