Produced at IMA: Structures
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Wed, December 04, 2013 8 pm CET, Concert
The great diversity of works in the current edition of the series Produced at IMA provide material for discussion: does a beat exist? Which musical structures are possible to differentiate, if at all? Do non-musical settings play a role in the development of pieces? These and other questions will be pursued in the current edition on the theme Structures.

In the series Produced at IMA, specific electroacoustic works will be presented on a specific theme by the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics (IMA). As a site for artistic research, which actively accompanies and promotes productions, the IMA has at its disposal an extremely varied fund of works that have been realized by international artists of electronic music. In this series, the IMA intends to make both audible and visible to the public this long collaboration with the artist.

The compositions are presented by a sound director in programmatic arrangements. As a rule, the works involve pieces that were either especially composed for the unique Sound Dome at the ZKM_Cube, or else exist in special Sound Dome versions.


Michael Edwards: anonymous obvious (2000, 12:54)
The piece consists in samples of instruments, which Michael Edwards transformed into an algorithm of discrete miniatures of dense, intensive sound wall. It was completed in 2000 at the studios of the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics.

Michael Edwards was born in Cheshire, UK, in 1968; he studied computer music under John Chowning, among others at the renowned CCRMA of Stanford University, and is currently teaching at the University of Edinburgh.

Mario Verandi: Bellscape (2004, 19:20)
In his work, the composer and sound artist from Buenos Aires researches the spectral and the morphologic attributes of bell chimes, which he recorded in Barcelona, Berlin and Birmingham. The piece was created at the ZKM in 2004.
Mario Verandi was born in Buenos Aires, in 1960, and has received numerous prizes, among others, the Bourges International Electroacoustic Art Award, Prix Ars Electronica (Linz) or the Stockholm Electronic Art Award. Mario Verandi currently lives and works in Berlin.

Panayiotis Kokoras: Magic (2010, 09:45)
The composer Panayiotis Kokoras distils his work from 600 individual notes and over seven hours of music. In the piece Magic exclusively piano notes are used as sound material − several recordings, as well as samples from the existing repertoire of recordings, among others, by Ravel, Beethoven, Webern or Cage. The piece was produced in 2010 at the ZKM | Institute for Music and Acoustics, and developed in the original version as a 32-channel piece with the ZKM software Zirkonium especially for the ZKM_Sound Dome.
For Magic Panayiotis Kokoras received First Prize in the 4th Destelos International Competition of Electroacoustic Composition and Visual-music (Argentina), and honourable mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2011 − International Competition for CyberArts, Linz.

Orestis Karamanlis: Toys (2011, 08:47)
Recordings of children’s toys constitute a large part of the sound material in the piece Toys. With this work, the Greek composer Orestis Karamanlis sought to distance himself from those types of pieces, which − because of the layering of sound colors and space − suppress other qualities. The piece aims, above all, to follow an internal impulse instead of being based purely on the processing of sound material.
For Toys Orestis Karamanlis received the Prix du Public of the Metamorphoses Acousmatic Competition (Belgium) and the First Prize of Musica Nova Electroacoustic Competition (Czech Republic).

Hugo Paquete: Dispersive Velocity of the Masses (2011, 16:00)
The piece works with sound masses, which drift apart, and make space and time experienceable for the listeners. In his works, the Portuguese composer creates his own audible ecosystem, which contains elements from space, entropy, noise and glitch. Hugo Paquete is primarily interested in the post-functional use of technology.
Hugo Paquete was born in Portugal, in 1979, and is an active composer and performer who holds concerts at festivals and clubs throughout the world. He plays in several improvised projects (SSTFM and Quadrivium), and was a key participant in the development of the sound work Sounding Door by Lithuanian artist Julijonas Urbonas, which sounds whenever visitors enter the ZKM.