Panayiotis Kokoras


Panayiotis Kokoras (1974) studied composition in Athens, Greece, later moving to England and undertaking postgraduate studies at the University of York where he completed his MA and PhD in composition. His works have been commissioned by various institutes and festivals and have been performed in over 580 concerts in 200 cities around the world. His compositions have received 67 distinctions and prizes in international competitions.

Kokoras's sound compositions use timbre as the main element of form. His concept of »holophony« describes his goal for each independent sound (phonos) to contribute equally into the synthesis of the total (holos). His music calls upon a »virtuosity of sound«, emphasizing the precise production of variable sound possibilities and the correct distinction between one timbre and another to convey the musical ideas and structure of the piece. His compositional output is also informed by musical research in Music Information Retrieval compositional strategies, extended techniques, tactile sound, augmented reality, Robotics, Spatial Sound, and Synesthesia.