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Young Choreographers Session

Thu, January 23, 2014 7:00 pm CET

© ZKM | Karlsruhe, 2013, Photo: Bernd Hentschel
Media Theater

For the performance program in the exhibition »Sasha Waltz. Installations Objects Performances« a group of young international dancers selected by Sasha Waltz came to the ZKM. They used their stay to develop their own choreographic projects.

On January 23 in the evening, the ZKM offers a platform to publically present a performance evening of the dancer's solos, duets and group works.


  • Zwischen den Zeilen [Between the lines]
    Choreography, Dance: Piotr Tomczyk
  • Feggaropetra* 
    Choreography, Dance: Emmanouela-Nikoli Dolianiti
  • Do YOU live in a balloon?
    Choreography,Dance: Ageliki Gouvi
  • Zeno & Nero 
    Choreography: Compagnie Porson's Khashoggi , Kseni Alexandrou, Andreas Rama
    Dance: Matina Kokolaki, Andreas Rama
  • Corps du délit
    Choreography, Dance: Margaux Marielle- Tréhouart
  • Vibrant Landscapes
    Choreography: Claire Hurpeau 
    Dance: Sarah Herr, Daniela Näger, Piotr Tomczyk, Nadine Wermund, Wibke Storkan
  • Sul Punto
    Choreographie, Tanz: Claudia Catarzi
  • Pause
  • Believe
    Choreography, Dance: Maya Gomez
  • Share
    Choreography, Dance: Sarah Kiesecker, Artur Steigerwaldt
  • The Fest [The feast]
    Concept:​ Kyriaki Nasioula, Anna Kanellopoulou
    Choreography:​ Kyriaki Nasioula
    Dance:​ Emmanouela-Nikoli Dolianiti, Maya Gomez, Angeliki Gouvi, Claire Hurpeau, Margaux Marielle-Trehouart, Stephanie Roser, Wibke Storkan
  • Metamorphosis
    ​Concept, Choreographie: Alexandra Rogovska, Bruno Caverna
    ​Dance: Alexandra Rogovska


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