Sasha Waltz. A Portrait
Seven dancers move around a large rectangular black wall that is structured a theatrical space.
Thu, January 09, 2014 6 pm CET, Film Screening

The new film by Brigitte Kramer about Sasha Waltz will be presented to the public as preview for the first time at the ZKM. The portrait, scheduled to be released on DVD at the beginning of February 2014 by Arthaus Musik, traces the career of the internationally renowned choreographer from Karlsruhe from 2006 to the present. Furthermore, a talk between Brigitte Kramer (Nachtaktivfilm), director, and Yoreme Waltz, dramatic advisor of the Compagnie Sasha Waltz & Guests takes place.

Here, the focus is placed on the exhibition »Sasha Waltz. Installations Objects Performances« in the ZKM | Media Museum, which can be viewed till February 2, 2014. Since its opening on September 27, 2013, the Karlsruhe exhibition was viewed in the first eight weeks after opening by over 25,000 enthusiastic visitors − the premier broadcasting of the film by Brigitte Kramer offers a superb insight into the work of this versatile Expressionist dance artist.
The exhibition's superb final weekend, with performances by the Compagnie Sasha Waltz & Guests from Berlin, also offers the unique opportunity to experience the choreographer’s influence live in Karlsruhe.

With the exhibition, Sasha Waltz elaborated an artistic overview of twenty years of her choreographic work. The experienced dance film director Brigitte Kramer had already produced several films with cameraman Jörg Jeshel from the choreographies of Sasha Waltz, such as "Körper", "S", "noBody" as well as "Dialoge 09 − Neues Museum". The portrait of Sasha Waltz consequently forms the next logical step taken by the film-maker. She has also filmed much more with the Bahia Ballet, with Chandralekha, Malavika Sarrukai, Russell Maliphant, Dresden Semper Oper, Hiroaki Umdea, Alain Platels "Les Ballets C de la B" and much more.