Digital Communication between Journal and the Dissolution of Boundaries
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Interdisziplinäre Tagung
Wed, October 22, 2014 10 am CEST, Symposium

The conference is dedicated primarily to the behavior of young people on the Web, as well as to the significance of the Web for creative artists as a platform for artistic communication.

Present-day digital communication permeates our everyday lives. However, this advance not only has advantages, but poses a number of questions relating to personal data security and to the effects of digital communication on social interpersonal relations and individual issues: in what ways does the net culture impact upon our communication? What do such changes signify for social interaction? What happens to our data? Who protects them from abuse, and what can one do– if at all? At what points should the law be modified, and where should institutional securities be strengthened? What are the constitutional and judicial stipulations on this subject? These and other related questions will be taken up and addressed during the conference.

Experts from affiliated technologies, from law, media education, culture and the arts have been invited to contribute to the conference. Interested members of the public – especially young people – are also cordially invited!

Karlsruher Forum für Kultur, Recht und Technik e.V. [Karlsruhe Forum for Culture, Law and Technology]

Karlsruhe has special competences in the fields of sciences, law and culture, and has set itself the task of advancing public social discourse within these fields. To this end, distinguished public and private institutions in the Technology Region Karlsruhe have come together in the »Karlsruhe Forum für Kultur, Recht und Technik« with the objective of promoting this initiative.

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Karlsruher Forum für Kultur, Recht und Technik e.V.

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