IMA_lounge: Mark Fell, Gábor Lázár, Raubjunge & Jonas
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Sat, October 18, 2014 10 pm CEST, Concert

Abstract experimental sounds and electronic dance beats await the public at the second IMA_Lounge, 2014! Whereas, Mark Fell’s work links popular music styles,  such as electronica and techno, and algorithmic and mathematical systems, Gábor Lázár focuses on random operations and uncommon rhythms. The two artists are currently joining forces for a joint 2x12’’ album scheduled for release this year.

Between these live sets and at the end, DJs »Raubjunge & Jonas« from the Freiburg collective »La Rokoko« lure visitors onto the dance floor with their associative lines, and through genres such as UK Techno and Minimal Wave.

Mark Fell

Multidisciplinary artist Marke Fell lives in Sheffield (UK). Among his record releases are such highly respected albums as »Mille Plateaux«, »raster-noton« and »editions mego«. Before turning more intensively to computer-based music and sound synthesis, he studied experimental film and video art. At the beginning of the 1990s, he founded the duo »snd« together with Mat Steel, thus making decisive contributions to the genre »Clicks & Cuts«. Installations, audiovisual live sets and productions for multi-channel loudspeaker systems are among Mark Fell’s works. His artistic work was presented at various international institutions, such as the Hong Kong National Film Archive, and in clubs, such as Berghain.

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Gábor Lázár

Studied electronic music and media art in Pécs, Hungary. He founded the label »Last Foundation« in 2012, and released a Split cassette with Russel Haswell the following year. This year he released his album »ILS« on the »Presto!?« label, whereby for eleven tracks he uses exclusively source sounds  the parameters of which he changes by way of a system of random operations: the result is unusual rhythmic and spectral processes. Taken as a whole, his style is hectic and unpredictable, while at the same time creating an exciting arch by way of gradual changes. Gábor Lázár has played at festivals such as the »CTM« in Berlin, at »NEXT«, in Bratislava, and at »UH«, in Budapest.

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Raubjunge & Jonas (La Rokoko)

Raubjunge – with his series »furchenAnomalien« located at the Salon des Amateurs Düsseldorf – and Jonas von der Freiburger »La Rokoko«-Gang combine forces for a hypnotic set: Their choice of recordings follows an associative line through various genres and sound aesthetics, without remaining at one point for too long. Thus, apparent differences are brought into a new contrasting ratio: Something on a spherical B-side of a UK-Techno record meets a fragile computer rhythm and psychedelic echo vocals of the Minimal Wave pioneers; or the dark and occult space of »The Residents« is permeated by the sinus waves of the Finnish Label »Sähkö«. The two DJs bring also into play fragments from each of their own production pools.



10 pm Mark Fell (live)
10:45 pm Raubjunge & Jonas (DJ-Set)
11:15 pm Gábor Lázár (live)
11:45 pm Raubjunge & Jonas (DJ-Set)